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Frequently Asked Questions

PinZone takes just a few minutes to enter the pin locations of the day into a really straightforward website, from there pin sheets can be printed straight away. Furthermore the pin locations can be added into the system in advance and pre-prepared for the following days play.

PinZone provides a much more accurate pin location which otherwise would only be available to golfers using a laser device. It also provides visiting golfers with something unexpected and adds real value to their overall experience of your course.

Once you log-in to PinZone, all your courses will be pre-loaded, you can simply select the course you want to produce pin sheets for and enter the pin locations. Each course is treated separately within your account.

Yes, any set of pin locations that have been entered in the past will be stored within the database for quick and easy recall so if you ever wanted to load your ‘club championship’ pin locations you could do so very quickly.

Yes, Any golfer can register on the PinZone website and gain access to pin locations at any of the courses that use the system free of charge.

One of the great features of the system is the ability to personalise the pin sheets for special events such as Golf Societies, Club Championships or Corporate Golf Days. Each sheet has the option to add the date and the name of the event.

That’s no problem, we have a number of options available. The PinZone system already comes pre-loaded with tabulated style pin sheets which are printed on A4 and look great when print in black and white. Furthermore we can provide you with pre-printed sheets that carry your club branding on one side in colour for you to print on the other. These pre-printed sheets delivered with perorations running through them enabling 6 pin location sheets to be printed on just 1 A4 sheet.

Absolutely, we will preload the PinZone system with the course graphics, pre-printed pin sheets with these graphics and your club branding can then be ordered which you can overprint the pin locations of the day on to.